The life you like

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Every night and day
you shake my soul.
I would like to talk
your same language
to write you my best words

I would like to start
writing a new world
where man and woman
can meet at the bar
drinking and eating
Looking each other in the eyes
and laughing sometimes

I like the life which flows
as feather fells down
and raises up again
following a breath of wind

I like to look at the night,
there out,
when the moonlight
shines on your face.

I like too much things, I know.
But this is the way of the world,
where you live when you enjoy what you like.



Loosing time

•giugno 26, 2018 • Lascia un commento

Another night on the world,
when people walk
losing my time in time
reading old stories of my life

It’s good staying with me
listening to a sound in the air
a music band is playing in a club
and my mind is flying out
from my head,
my soul is not
in the body anymore.

Just connection, I need.
with the world, with the people
with the nature