The life train

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Life is like a train
It flows among breathtaking landscapes
through old towns
through clouds and rain
Sun and mountains

In the same carriage
we talk
With our travel companions
Sometimes someone gets off
At some station
other times someone gets in.

The beauty of all this
is traveling together
In time and space



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​​I saw sunflowers in the wind
On your face one day of my life
I was standing in the centre of the ring
When your smile lit up my fire

Your lips were so warm at my kiss
And your body so sensual under my hands
I lost my head in the oceanic abyss
And my soul was sinking in the sands

I took the warmth from your soul
And I felt wonderful all night long
When you touched me I lost control
And I am still listening to your song

I am looking forward to seeing you again
To give peace to my heart and my brain